Villa Winternitz

The Villa was designed by Adolf Loose and Karel Lhota in 1931 for the lawyer Joseph Winternitz and his family. Finished in 1932, it is considered as the last building by Adolf Loos completed during his lifetime. 

Behind a simple façade, an ingeniously organized interior is hidden. The Raumplan – a design of spaces. The idea of Raumplan is better explained by Loose himself than anyone else: 

“My Architecture Is Not Conceived By Drawings, But By Spaces. I Do Not Draw Plans, Facades Or Sections… For Me, The Ground Floor, First Floor Do Not Exist… There Are Only Interconnected Continual Spaces, Rooms, Halls, Terraces… Each Space Needs A Different Height… These Spaces Are Connected So That Ascent And Descent Are Not Only Unnoticeable, But At The Same Time Functional.”

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