Postcard from Lefkada

Summer holidays

Long beach days.

No rush. Sun. Waves. Sunsets. Blue. Sea.

Greek salad and Olives.

After a hectic year — moving to Prague, new city, new flat, new job — we felt we needed a good vacay rest like never before. Two weeks in Greece sounded like a great idea. We headed to Lefkada, recommended by a friend of mine for its turquoise Caribbean-like beaches. 

Milos beach — a beach with crystal clear water, white pebbles and beautiful scenery was our retreat the most of the time. Hidden in a small bay, the beach is best accessible by a boat from Agios Nikitas.

Lefkada town — we skipped the beach for a day to visit Lefkada town and Nidri.

Boat trip — sailing from Nidri, the two of us and a skipper, early morning, bound to Meganisi, we could dip in caves with crystal clear water without presence of anyone else.

Exploring the hidden bays of Meganisi and Scorpio island, swimming as much as we wanted whenever we wanted, no people around — just the best day.

Photography by Gabi AR