Why to use essence

Iris Extract Activating Essence Treatment


I have always preferred to use only a minimum of beauty products for my skincare or makeup. As I went discovering the world of beauty I have learned to apply products that I had never heard of before. 

When I brought home a sample of iris essence from Kiehl’s, I was very skeptical. I though of it as unnecessary and tried it on without any expectations.

Right after trying it on I went to buy a bottle of this product and since that moment I have kept using it every day and night for almost two years now. 

Essence is a product that should be used after cleansing the skin and right before your beauty ritual. The Iris Essence from Kiehl’s has anti-age effects and also deeply hydrates skin. It contains iris and vitamin E which neutralizes free radicals and has a smoothing effect. The ingredients make it a perfect beauty product to get a radiant and smooth skin. The fine texture and the easy application are another advantage. 

To apply the product pour 3-4 drops into palms of hand and press together. Gently press onto cheeks, forehead, chin and neck. 

Using it regularly, the texture of skin will improve  and will be looking younger and smoother. It is one of my favorite beauty product that I swear by. 

Photo by Gabi AR