First time I met Miša at Fashion Live 2018 a few months ago. Despite of knowing each other on Instagram, only now we got to know each other in the ‘real life’. For me personally, it was the first time ever I met someone  from the digital life in reality. It is a strange feeling. Like when you recognize a familiar or a famous person and you go to say hello but suddenly you realize that she does not know you at all. Happily, Miša recognized me too and from our chance meeting this amazing collaboration arose.

A few days later after our encounter Miša approached me with an idea to shoot something together. Honestly, I couldn’t hesitate less. Days before our styling meeting I was thinking of all the possible outfit variations and color combinations. Just imagine to style matching outfits for two girls with different styles. It is undoubtedly challenging.

When choosing the possible outfits we tried all that you can only imagine, many trending elements as corduroy, maxi prints, tartan included. Nevertheless, the most of pieces suited better the figurines and looked good only in our ideas. Eventually, we chose the pencil skirt that I am wearing. Accompanied with fluffy oversized knits the whole look got a fresh touch. The office skirt was slightly ‘degraded’ into a more urban but still professional combination. The last outfit challenge was to choose shoes.

First idea was to wear sock boots and as I already had a pair, for me, the problem was solved. Looking for a nice pair for Misha we did not find any, but the white ankle boots that Miša is wearing in the pictures caught our attention. When I tried the clothes at home I just could not decide if to wear them with white or black boots and that is why you can see me with two different pairs on the photos.

Outfits were picked, the only thing left was to think about the place to shoot, which sometimes is the hardest part. 

As we wanted to get some street style photos, we headed to the very center of Bratislava and I find the result of our photoshoot more than satisfying. The photos we took during our coffee break were also amazing, for me kind of unusual as I do not shoot that much in interior.

I can only say that shooting with Miša was a great experience for me, one of a kind. The whole process from discussing our ideas through styling and the final photo-shooting was truly enriching. Miša is a great professional with a lot of skills in social media. Her unique style can be only hardly overseen in Instagram feed or in the street.

Miša Švarová


Blog: https://modnytucet.sk/

Outfits: ZARA, Miša’s shoes and bag: Humanic, My bag: Uterqüe

Photo by Jaroslav Adame