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I had been dreaming about vacation in Bali for a long time. We finally made it there in June. 14 beautiful days on this island were undoubtedly worth the long journey. All excited from our first trip to Asia I could hardly wait to go.

We stayed at Puri Santrian hotel in Sanur. Sanur is a peaceful village with calm ocean in the southeastern part of the island. It is a perfect place for a peaceful vacation, we were not looking for parties, just needed to rest. The village offers you a great variety of restaurants with both Indonesian and European cuisine. Sanur was our base from where we were exploring other places.





Our first trip was to see Ubud, a historical and cultural centre as they use to call it. This very busy town surrounded by rain forest and rice terraces is definitely worth visiting. But get ready for crowds of tourists and crazy traffic. There are many temples like Goa Gajah and Ubud palace and little small cute shops that you can enjoy. The best of all was to see one of the coffee plantations and try many different types of coffee and tea, luwak coffee included. I had a lot of fun trying the famous and almost obligatory swing while Gabi preferred just to take pictures. 

Also, an unforgettable experience was to visit Tegallalang rice terraces. It was such an impressive landscape, you don’t see anything like that here in Europe.









We also enjoyed the Uluwatu region, the landscape is slightly different, very hilly with fresh air coming from the ocean. You need a lot of patience for visiting this part of the island since it is not too large but the amount of the tourists is just gigantic. Hard to take a picture or enjoy tranquilly the beauty of nature. Still we had a nice time watching the sunset at Uluwatu temple even we had to rush to get there in time.


Another nice day we had was in a small village called Canggu famous for great food and surfers. So many cafés with porridge bowls and amazing places to eat! I wished I could try at least half of them that day, but what can you do when you are not that hungry. At least I tried this dragon fruit bowl for my second breakfast. We also tried some food at the.slow – more details coming very soon in a new post.






From all the beaches we had seen, we liked Jimbaran Beach the most. White sand, big waves, and almost no people. Just like you can see on the photo.




Bali is a mixture of western culture and eastern traditions. There are people who would think of it as a disadvantage, but I think that it is what makes Bali so magical. 

To me, Bali is a charming place where I found the peace and equilibrium that I am hardly able to reach in my daily life.


Photography by Gabi AR