I have always thought that I didnt have any special bond with Prague. This conviction was based on several short trips to this city, of which I have only vague memories. I can only remember that it was cold or maybe crowded. But after my last visit, I have changed my opinion.


We spent a weekend in Prague and we really enjoyed it. We stayed in an apartment in Vinohrady, close to the main station and to the center. It was also really close to CafeFin, a bistro where we started off our Saturday morning. They have a great choice of many interesting dishes and I ordered a Tropical Bowl. It was just amazing. While I was enjoying my fruity bowl with milk rice, Gabi was just looking at me with his 3 tiny cookies plate as he has a distaste to anything fruity-like. Some places are just to modern for an old made man like him : )

As usually, we were just walking around, up and down, the entire weekend. We stopped anytime we saw something that caught our attention. Thanks to the unexpectedly nice weather, we could really enjoy our trip and take pictures : D


On Saturday we – especially me – wanted to see the Manolo Blahniks The Art of Shoes exhibiton –  see more here– which took place at lovely Museum Kampa situated on the riverside. Right after the exhibition we had a tasty trout and hamburger at the museum restaurant. Then, we successfully completed our walking tour in Schwarzenberský palác. All tired after the day we just ordered something to drink and enjoyed the view.







Sunday started just the same way as Saturday. With an abundant breakfast. At the bistro Mezi srnky we had a huge portion of pancakes with berries and scrambled eggs with truffle oil. Then we went for a long walk again. This time we went by subway to stop Vltavská and from there we went to Letná Park. We could see Prague to unfold in front of us with all of its bridges and towers. Then, going back to the train station we were trying to avoid busy streets so we turned into any street with as few people as possible. We had a lunch at Café Louvre, an amazing place with history where important people of the era used to meet.

And that was it.





So now I am thinking what was different this time. What made me to feel like that I want live in there? Hard to say, and maybe it will sound stupid, but I guess for the first time I was able to realize its beauty. The city is just so aesthetically pleasing in comparison to Bratislava and Im not talking only about the center. And big. Just right size. Big enough so you dont meet the same people all the time but not that big like to get absorbed by it. The building are higher, the streets are wider, and you can see nice colors outside. And of course, you have more options, greater choice of everything, more events, more places to see, and more things to do. More ways to feel alive. The greatness of limitless choices in a romantic city that little by little makes you fall in love with it. A magical environment that always gives you a breath of new feelings that in some way were already inside of you. It makes you feel home just because once you are there, you want to make it your home.



Photography by Gabi AR