Lenka Horňáková-Civade

I was thinking about reading this book already for a longer time. I saw it mentioned somewhere in Elle, but I don´t remember exactly in which issue.

The name of the book caught my attention, it reminds me of The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov (which I love), however, it has nothing to do with it.

Originally, the book was written and published in French and it was translated to Czech by the author herself.

Unfortunately, it has not been translated into English yet.

I bought it few days before going to Spain for vacation with intention to read it on the beach in Malaga.

What I did.

Carefree and lazy atmosphere of the beach created a huge contrast with hard and unfavorable fates of the main characters.

Three women.

Magdalena. Libuša. Eva.

Three strong women, who besides of being family have one more thing in common.

All of them are growing up without a father.

Each of them struggles with the blows of life and deals with the dreams that don´t come true in theirs own way. Perhaps not always you will agree with their decisions or understand them, but even though they will win your heart.

Men also have an important role in their lives, however these are not a support to them but rather a cause of their hard times.

On the pages of this not a very extensive novel, our modern history is coming up to the surface again with all of its similarities, whether terrifying or joyful.

And why is the book called Marie and Magdalény?

Read it and you will find out.