I have always thought that if anything else, a woman should have at least a proper bag.

I have in mind a quality, high presentable bag, which never makes you feel ashamed of wearing it and which goes well practically with everything.

And if not, it does not matter, as it is THE BAG.

I used to have one, it was a long time ago in the time of First America (that´s how I call my first stay in US). In the time of Second America I still had the bag from First America.

It was a good one, but eventually the handle fell off and since then it is left in the closet.

I have been looking forward to buying a new THE BAG for a longer time.

And finally the time has come.

I have my Bimba y Lola bag.

Actually I was longing for a different model, not the one I bought.

The thing is that I was deciding for such a long time whether to buy it online or wait until I go to Spain for my vacation and buy it there, that it got sold out.

Now I have a different one, but I would say that I like it even more that the one I desired.

I guess I won´t leave it, not even for a second.

That´s what happens when you get THE bag.

Photography: Gabi AR